When your child has been bitten by a spider, you may be able to handle the bite at home, but there is a chance that they will require spider bite treatment. That is where the Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando comes in. Rather than waste precious and valuable time searching “walk in clinic near me,” simply bring your child to us and get treatment for them immediately. Contact us to learn more.


How to Identify a Spider Bite


Children are always going to be in a position to encounter bugs. This is especially true of playful children who enjoy being in the outdoors. When children like to be outside and they are around creatures that could potentially harm them or cause them damage, this should be enough to alarm any parent, especially when you are considering the possibility of spider bites.

Many spider bites can just be inconvenient and annoying, but there is a possibility that they can legitimately be dangerous. When this happens, you have to be prepared to take your child to get medical help immediately in order to make sure that they do not suffer any long term damage.

Most spider bites will appear much like any other bug bite in that they will leave a visible bump or mark on the skin where the skin is reddened. That is not the case for brown recluse spiders which leave a distinct bull’s eye mark on the skin. Additionally, hobo spiders leave the wound blackened within twenty-six hours. The black widow also has its own distinguished marking of the skin by leaving two clear puncture marks where it bites you.

Any of these wounds, as well as an array of others, can cause a number of symptoms that vary in severity such as:

  •       Itchiness 
  •       Headache 
  •       Nausea 
  •       Pain at the Site 
  •       Chills 
  •       Fever 
  •       Sweating 
  •       Muscle Cramping 

Does Your Child Need Spider Bite Treatment?


If you see that your child is experiencing any symptoms that indicate they have been bitten by a spider, be sure to get them to an urgent care as soon as possible to receive spider bite treatment. Even if you did not see the spider bite them but you are seeing the resulting symptoms and you found the wound on them, take them to medical help immediately. An urgent care can provide your child with the antivenin they need to recover and whatever other medications they may need to feel comfortable and healthy. Do not waste your time searching “walk in clinic near me” if you are in Orlando and take your child to Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care.


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Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is located in Orlando so that you do not have to spend time searching “walk in clinic near me” that you could be spending getting your child treatment. If you are interested in learning more about spider bites and how they can affect your child or you would like to see how we could help your child, contact us today.