A toddler broken nose may be a frightening thing for any parent. It is frequent that children get themselves into trouble, and when this occurs, it is critical to turn to an urgent care such as Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando to ensure your child is seen quickly by a professional. You do not have to waste your time searching for an “urgent care near me.” Instead, simply trust us at Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to take care of your child.


How to Handle a Toddler Broken Nose


Toddlers are active creatures. They do not like to sit still and, despite a parent’s watchful eye, they may get into problems and do things that end up hurting them without a parent even noticing right away. That is why it is important to keep an eye on a child that you suspect has injured their nose. This is because the symptoms of a broken nose on a child are often very different than they would be on an adult. By keeping an eye on your children during the first twenty-four hours after the injury, you can then determine if further action needs to be taken. There are some distinct symptoms to look out for when you suspect that your child’s nose has been injured.


  •       Difficulty Breathing: One of the most distinct symptoms to notice in a child that may have broken their nose is that they would have difficulty breathing. If you see that they are straining to breathe or that they are crying because they feel uncomfortable trying to breathe, then it is time for you to get them professional medical help. 
  •       Nose Bleeding: This may not happen right away, but within hours, you may notice that your child has blood coming out of their nose. That is a good indicator that they have suffered serious injury and that they require medical attention. 
  •       Bruising: Just as with adults, children who have a broken nose may see bruising around the base of their eyes or just on the bridge of their nose. This bruising is a definitive indicator that the child has a broken nose and needs to be seen by a doctor. 

Where to Take Your Child to be Treated


An emergency room may be so busy that you have to wait far too long to have your child seen. At a pediatric urgent care, you can have your child seen right away by doctors who specialize in treating children. Rather than handing your toddler broken nose to the care of a general doctor, you can place your child’s health in the hands of someone who specializes in and knows exclusively how to treat children.

Searching for an “urgent care near me” may not necessarily provide you with results for pediatric urgent cares. For this purpose, contact us at Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care today.


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