A toddler head injury or any other type of injury can frighten a parent, but there are ways to be prepared for any emergency. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando believes that informed parents can make more realistic decisions about how they practice safety around their children and can give them a better and bigger advantage when an emergency does occur. Stop searching for an “urgent care near me” and trust us at Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to help you with your child.


1) Motor Vehicle Accidents Can Lead to a Toddler Head Injury


Motor vehicle accidents are all too common of an occurrence in America. Every day, children are subject to injury as a result of a car accident and unfortunately, this is the most common cause of death as a result of an injury. That is why it is so important to get children medical help immediately after they have been in an accident even if they appear to be fine.


2) Suffocation Can Occur in Infants


While toddlers are often at risk of suffocation or choking on small objects or toys, infants are most likely to suffocate while they sleep. When you see your child is having difficulty breathing or they have stopped breathing altogether, you must seek medical attention for your child immediately.


3) Drowning Often Happens to Children Under Four


The statistics in the United States regarding drowning are appalling. An estimated three children die every single day from drowning, and most of these deaths occur in children from one to four years old. If you have a child in the water who you suddenly suspect may be drowning, be certain to contact an urgent care as soon as possible.


4) Poisoning from Common Household Products


Common sources of poisoning in children are household chemicals, cleaners, and medicines. It is critical for parents to make these products inaccessible to children or they can risk having their child be one of the three hundred children that go to the emergency room every day as a result of poisoning.


5) Burns Can Affect Both Younger and Older Children


Younger children are often burned by hot liquid or steam while older children are frequently burned by actual direct contact with fire. Burns are so common that more than three hundred children are sent to the emergency room each day to be treated for their burns.

When you are looking for “urgent care near me,” Central Florida Pediatrics Urgent Care in Orlando is your resource. We know how to treat your child regardless of what the issue may be so that we can help you as a parent minimize the danger your child is in.


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