Your child is sick. It is the middle of the night. The emergency room seems too drastic and expensive to turn to. What do you do? This is where a 24 Hour Urgent Care comes in. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is what you need. We are your goto healthcare provider that will no longer make you feel the need to Google the phrase “urgent care near me.”


What Services Do We Offer?

Unlike many other urgent care centers or emergency rooms where most doctors and nurses are not used to dealing with young children, we specialize in pediatric services and can offer your child the best health care services for injury and sickness. This is what your child needs in order to feel comfortable and get the best service.


We offer on-site pediatric labs and x-ray. We are proud to have a fully accredited laboratory as well as imaging services. If a child receives an x-ray, it will be read by the doctors at the urgent care center and if necessary, it can be read by a radiologist that specializes in pediatrics. This expedites your child’s health care process and saves both your kid pain and you time.


Other services that we are proud to offer are as follows:

  • Child Asthma Attack Treatment
  • Child Dehydration
  • Child Illnesses
  • Cuts and Bruises
  • Flu Treatment
  • Foreign Body Removal
  • Fracture / Broken Bones
  • On-Site Pediatric Labs and X-Rays
  • Severe Vomiting


24 Hour Urgent Care Who Cares

Our Mission is to provide high-quality health care for your child in a loving, supportive child-friendly environment. We were started by a local pediatrician who realized the need for a place children could receive quality and efficient healthcare at night, on weekends and on holidays, when doctor’s offices are regularly closed. We indeed are the best choice out of all the “urgent care near me.”


Urgent care centers are a relatively new addition to the healthcare industry that has helped to benefit both community medical services and patients. As a fast, affordable alternative to emergency room care for patients with non-life-threatening conditions, urgent care medical clinics offer people a convenient treatment option, reducing the often overwhelming volume of patients that would typically visit local doctors offices and hospitals. This fact has made urgent care facilities a popular, thriving force. The Urgent Care Association of America reports that an estimated 55% of urgent care clinics have been in business five years or longer, and an estimated 9,000 centers are looking to open another branch or expand.


Contact Us Today

Trust a pediatric medical group to give your child the best treatment via 24 hour urgent care. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is after-hours pediatrics located in Orlando. We know that diarrhea for your child may sound scary, but we work hard to make sure that the process is as comfortable as possible. We have the perfect approach to get you both through it. Their health is our priority. If you would like to learn more, contact us today. You will never find the need to search “urgent care near me” again.