If you have a child that has appendicitis, you must seek appendicitis treatment immediately. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando understands the urgency of appendicitis and offers after hours pediatrics services to ensure that your child gets the attention that they need as soon as symptoms begin to manifest. To learn more about appendicitis and how it is treated in children, do not hesitate to contact Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to speak to a doctor about getting your child treated.


What is Appendicitis?


Appendicitis is a condition wherein the appendix, a small finger-like organ attached to the large intestine, becomes blocked and infected. As the infection becomes worse, the patient experiences a number of symptoms, including fever and pain around their belly button. When the infection becomes worse, nausea and loss of appetite may become an issue. If the appendix ruptures altogether due to a lack of treatment, this can lead to an abscess or an infection throughout the abdomen.

The condition is not contagious but it does affect children from ten to twenty years of age and is particularly rare in infants. Appendicitis does, however, move quickly. This means that as soon as the symptoms begin, patients have about twenty four to seventy two hours before the appendix ruptures. If the parent does not act quickly enough and the appendix does burst, the pain may spread to the child’s entire abdomen and they may experience high grade fever.


What is the Standard Appendicitis Treatment?


Appendicitis is not a condition that can wait. Because of the rapid deterioration of the appendix, you must make sure that your child is seen immediately after you notice symptoms. Waiting even a day can put them at risk of having a ruptured appendix and suffering from complications as a result. Even if it is late at night when your child begins to complain of symptoms, make sure that they get seen instantly to ensure that the symptoms do not worsen.

Thankfully, you do not have to rely on a crowded and unhygienic ER to get your child their appendicitis treatment. Rather, you can simply seek out Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care, an after hours pediatrics clinic in Orlando that can have your child seen and attended to as soon as possible. We can run the necessary tests to determine if your child has appendicitis and we also have the tools to make sure that your child gets the treatment that they need. Do not wait out your child’s appendicitis and contact Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care about bringing your child in or simply drop by to get your child treated right away.


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Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando cares about making sure its patients are aware of the urgency of treating certain conditions. Appendicitis is one such condition and it is important to make sure that you address it as soon as you notice it. If you are interested in learning more about getting your child’s appendicitis treated, visit the after hours pediatrics clinic of Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care.