A sick infant is every parent’s worst fear. Young children are extremely fragile, as they haven’t had the time to develop their immune systems fully, and this is especially true in infants and toddlers. If your infant is exhibiting sickness or involved in an accident of some kind, you should know where to take them in order to minimize panic and maximize efficiency so that your child can get the care they need. While your primary family physician tends to be the best choice, as they are familiar with your child’s medical history, sometimes your infant may require medical attention past traditional office hours. Health issues and accidents don’t always happen on 9-5 hours, so it’s important to know where to take your child if they are in discomfort and it is past traditional hours, or the situation requires immediate attention and you can’t wait to schedule an appointment with your child’s pediatrician.


Going to a standard urgent care or ER can be difficult if you have an infant or toddler, as they tend not to be familiar with the delicate frames and situations of very young children. If you’re looking for a “baby doctor near me,” Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care specializes in working with young children, and we can provide the best pediatric services for your child with our qualified staff and physicians. We have equipment specially suited to children, and our staff is trained to help with kids. Call us today if you’re looking up “baby doctor near me” in the Orlando area.


A Pediatric Urgent Care Center May Be The Best For Your Infant


When your baby is injured or sick, you should know where to take them for the best care in order to minimize their discomfort. While the best option for longer-term symptoms is your child’s primary family physician, as they are more familiar with their medical history and underlying conditions, babies don’t always wait for office hours to get sick. There are times where your child may need immediate attention or is in a lot of discomfort that needs to be alleviated quickly, and you don’t have the time to schedule an appointment. A traditional ER unit will take care of life-threatening conditions and accidents, but if your child is only in discomfort, they will prioritize the most life-threatening patients and your child may have to wait a very long time to get out of discomfort and be treated. If you notice that your baby has an ear infection, a severe cold or flu, dehydration or diarrhea, or a constant cough, then an urgent care clinic could be your best option.


Finding a “Baby Doctor Near Me”


If you are googling “pediatricians near me” for your young child or infant in the Orlando area, go straight to Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care. We specialize in pediatric services and possess a fully accredited laboratory as well as X-ray imaging services specifically geared towards the frames of young children, and can perform a range of tests to figure out how to treat your baby and keep them healthy. Many urgent care center and emergency room staff are not used to dealing with young children, but we can offer your child top health care services as our accredited staff include pediatricians and are all specially trained to work specifically with children. As it is best for your infant’s pediatrician to be informed regarding any treatment and to assist in the decision making process, we provide same-day reports to your baby’s primary physician.


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If you’re looking for a “baby doctor near me,” you should make sure that they are equipped and trained to deal with children and young infants. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care specializes in dealing with young children, so call us if you are searching up “pediatricians near me” in the Orlando area!