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Securing TVs & Furniture – Why it Matters

Securing TVs & Furniture – Why it Matters

Many parents are unaware of just how dangerous it is to make sure that they anchor their furniture. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care knows, however, that to avoid broken bone treatment, parents must keep their furniture rooted. We have seen many children with broken bones and other severe injuries as a result of climbing up on furniture. While you can fight your child climbing on their furniture as much as possible, it will still not replace the actual effort that you can make to merely secure the furniture, to begin with. As an after hours pediatrics, we know that accidents can happen and we are here to help. If you are interested in learning more, contact us at Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care today.

Avoid Broken Bone Treatment

Parents do not realize how dangerous their furniture can be until their child is injured because of it. This is because furniture has a center of gravity that keeps it steady on the ground. When children climb on it, they are throwing off that center of gravity, and it can entirely shift the balance that the piece of furniture has. Ultimately, what this results in is the furniture tipping over altogether and causing the child to get injured severely.

The child can then get trapped under the furniture and cause severe damage to them. The best way to avoid it is to merely anchor the furniture to the wall so that you do not have to worry about this occurring.

Many parents will not take this step until they see their child being injured as a result of their lack of safety precautions. It is understandable that accidents do happen. Occasionally, even the safest of parents can have an accident happen under their watch. When this happens, you have to get your child to the doctor as quickly as possible. They can make sure that your child did not break any bones and that if they did, they receive the corresponding treatment.

Do You Need an After Hours Pediatrics?

If you need an after hours pediatrics, we can help. We have treated many broken bones in the past, and we have all the tools that you need to have your child feeling better sooner. We know that accidents can happen even when parents are careful and take the time to secure their furniture and TVs. While we hope that we never have to deal with these types of accidents, we are prepared when they do occur. If you are interested in learning more about our services, contact us at Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care today.

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Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is a pediatric urgent care clinic located in Orlando. We provide an array of treatments for ailments and conditions that afflict children, such as broken bone treatment. Parents can take steps to ensure that their children do not become victims to their furniture, but if an accident does occur, we are here. Contact us to learn more about our services.