If your child is experiencing any of these symptoms below you should know it is time to bring them into Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to seek cold treatment. Our after hours pediatricians make it easier for parents to bring their children in to be seen after work or in the middle of the night maybe when symptoms are at their worst. It is worth the trip, have your child seen today. We have the answers you need, just come in and ask!


Cold Treatment that brings your child into Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care

Be on top of your child’s cold treatment. Our after hours pediatricians make it possible for everyone to fit a visit into their busy schedules. If any of these symptoms occur, we suggest bringing your child in right away:


Fever- If you have a high fever and can not seem to keep your body temperature down with regular fluids.


Rebound illnesses- When your child has a cold, feels better within a few days but seems to have a cough that just doesn’t want to go away. This usually means they are carrying some type of virus. This could mean their immune system got tired, or the caught another virus, but either way, it is time to bring your child in for a proper cold treatment.


Severe Headaches- so intense that they can’t think properly or see straight. This could be an issue with the central nervous system like meningitis, which calls for medical attention right away.


Overly tired- if your child seems drowsy and is not acting as lively as normal, you should know they are being held up by a cold. It is one thing if they are tired from not enough sleep, but being sick is a different type of tired.

After Hours Pediatricians to the rescue

Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is here to help your child get the cold treatment they need to feel better sooner rather than later. It is possible for your child to live a life without a runny nose and coughing all the time. Be aware of the things they touch and foods they eat so you can report those things to the pediatrician when they ask. As a parent your job never ends, you always need to be paying attention and making sure your child is safe and healthy. Let us help you help your child. We work as an after hour pediatrician’s office to ensure that all patients get the chance they need to be sure there child is healthy and get the care they need just like anyone else, instead of going to the emergency room.


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Our patients are our priority. Come into Central Florida Pediatric Urgent care for cold treatment right away. Give us a call at 1 (407) 865-6564 or check out our website, https://cfpediatricurgentcare.com/ for more information. Our after hours pediatricians is what helps most families get the answers they need for their children, come in today.