In today’s technology-driven world, it can be easy to forget the importance of a kid being a kid. Creative play is not only fun and rewarding to your child, but have widespread benefits for everything from physical health to cognitive function and emotional well-being. Play also provides a fantastic opportunity for parents to fully engage with their kids and build stronger connections. Despite the numerous benefits that come from play for children and parents, the time children have for free play has unfortunately been reduced quite a bit for some kids, due to a faster-paced lifestyle, changes in family structure, and increased academic competition. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care has a team of skilled pediatricians who highly recommends a certain amount of play in order to promote healthy childhood development. If you are in the Orlando area and looking for a pediatric urgent care center for your child, call us today and set up an appointment, or just walk in!


Play is Important


Play is so essential to optimal child development that the United Nations High Commission for Human Right has recognized it as a right of every child. Forces like child labor, war, and poverty limit this right and children being denied play is considered legally inhumane. Play allows children to utilize their creativity fully while advancing their imagination, dexterity, and physical, cognitive, and emotional strength. It is important for children to play so that their brains can develop, as it is through play that children at a very early age are able to engage and interact with the world that surrounds them. Play allows children to create and explore a mini universe of their own that they can control, help them conquer their fears while practicing adult roles, often in conjunction with other kids or their adult caretakers. As they slowly grow up and master their little internal world, play assists kids in developing new competencies that promote confidence and build the resiliency so important in facing future challenges as they venture into the real world by themselves. Undirected play teaches children how to work in groups and to handle themselves in various social roles and situations. Through playing with other children, they learn how to share, negotiate, resolve interpersonal conflicts, and how to advocate for themselves.


Benefits of Creative Play


When children are allowed to drive their own playtime, they get to practice decision-making skills while moving at their own pace. This is where they discover their own areas of interest as they try out different activities and seek out the ones that appeal to them, such as art or music, and then can ultimately engage fully in the passions they wish to pursue. Adults can join in and bond with their kids, but it is important for children to play on their own as well, since children will acquiesce to adult rules and lose benefits like leadership and creativity. Qualified pediatricians at a pediatric urgent care center like ours promote the manifold benefits of childhood play so your child can develop heathily and happily!


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