Baby diarrhea can be a simple infection, which is why it should not be ignored. You should bring your child into Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care, a walk in clinic near me in Orlando, FL if your child is having bad diarrhea. Get them seen by a doctor before the situation gets any worse than it already is!


Be careful of baby diarrhea


Common diarrhea can strike at any age. But baby diarrhea tends to be more problematic. The most frequent cause of diarrhea is an infection by a parasite, bacteria, or virus. However, you can never be too sure.  Children and babies drink a lot of juice, which causes them to use the bathroom a lot, and sometimes the acid in the juice can back them up. A child’s gastrointestinal system becomes overwhelmed by all the fluids and sugar, resulting in diarrhea and an upset stomach. This is why it is so important to be careful what you feed your children and babies to make sure they get a healthy diet and are not in pain. Bringing them into a walk in clinic near me, to be seen by a doctor, will give you the answers you need to why they are having diarrhea. Some other major symptoms to look out for with baby diarrhea are, sensitiveness to certain foods, side effects to antibiotics, other illnesses or health conditions, or too much sugar in their diet.

When your child is experiencing painful diarrhea, they will have to use the bathroom multiple times and experience abdominal pain and/or cramping. Your child could also have symptoms of vomiting, weight loss, fever, no desire to eat or drink and or signs of dehydration if they are having diarrhea because of an infection. Bring your child into Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care to be seen when these situations occur, because it is important to have your child’s system running properly at all times. We can help you and your child find the answers you need.


Searching for a walk in clinic near me?


Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is here to help treat baby diarrhea and find a solution to make sure your child gets the the best care they can. Making sure your child’s health is taken care of is crucial and getting their bowels under control. Keeping fluids running through your child’s body and making sure they are getting everything they need in their body to stay healthy should be your number one priority! Trust us to treat your child according to what we see after your visit and make sure they get the attention they need.


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If your child is having signs of baby diarrhea and you are unsure why, come into Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL to be seen right away.  This is important and you should not wait. There are many reasons why your child could be having an upset stomach and you should take it seriously to find out what is going on and how you can help them. Trust us to be the walk in clinic near me you have been searching for!