Fire ant bites are painful at the very least. This is partly because a fire ant has the ability to deliver multiple bites. While uncomfortable for anyone, children with a fire ant allergy who experience an allergic reaction need medical attention immediately. At the Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Apopka, FL we know how to provide the treatment your child needs. Here are some signs that you need help as quickly as possible.


Itching and Hives


Any fire ant sting will result in discoloration and possibly mild swelling at the bite site. Children who have a fire ant allergy will develop severe itching at the site of the bite and other areas of the body. There is also the potential for hives to break out on the arms, legs, and maybe even the face. If you notice any changes to the skin or your child complains of sudden itching, and find yourself conducting a quick search for a “walk in clinic near me,” know that we can get your child they attention they need quickly. Doing so could prevent the development of additional symptoms.


Difficulty Breathing


Allergic reactions often result in difficulty breathing. Typically referred to as anaphylaxis, the difficulty could be related to a fire ant allergy that is directly affecting lung function. It could also be due to swelling in the throat or an enlarged tongue. Along with being frightening, the reaction will only get worse if left unattended. Fortunately, emergency care can bring the reaction under control and allow your child to breathe normally once again.


Stomach Complaints


Not everyone associates stomach issues with allergic reactions. In fact, a fire ant bite could cause nausea, inhibit the ability to hold down food or liquids, and even lead to severe diarrhea. The parent or caregiver who quickly searches for a “walk in clinic near me” and takes their child to receive help at once will spare the child a great deal of discomfort and prevent the possibility of dehydration.




A child who is bitten by a fire ant and is experiencing an allergic reaction may become somewhat disoriented. This is because the venom from the bite may be triggering severe dizziness. The child will no longer find it easy to remain upright and is at a greater danger of sustaining an injury during a fall. Even if you help the child to lie down, the sensation of being dizzy will continue to increase.


The only solution is to seek medical help at once. A professional at the urgent care facility will quickly administer a treatment to counter the effects of the fire ant venom. In a matter of minutes, the dizziness will begin to fade.


Loss of Consciousness


Many people don’t know that a fire ant allergy can lead to a drop in blood pressure. When this happens, the possibility of the child passing out quickly is real. Since the drop can continue even after the child has lost consciousness, it’s important to seek medical attention quickly. Stabilizing the blood pressure will allow the child to awaken and pave the way for any other treatments that are needed.


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Never take a fire ant bite lightly. If you notice your child exhibiting any of these symptoms, instead of searching for a “walk in clinic near me,” come in to Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care at once. Swift action makes it possible to reverse the symptoms and could possibly save your child’s life, so do not delay.