Are you looking for a “walk in clinic near me” for answers on how to treat a burn for your child? Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL can help. We are here for the emergency situations that need attention right away, even during the worst hours of the night. Come see us right away because a burn is not something you can wait to seek medical attention about.


Tips on How to Treat a Burn for Your Child


Burns are classified by the amount of damage done to the skin and body tissues. There are three types of burns we will look for:


First-Degree – these are minor, such as sunburns, and will make your skin red but heal quickly.


Second-Degree – these are more serious and you should seek medical attention for this type of burn. This is when you will notice your child’s skin blistering and peeling. Start your search for a “walk in clinic near me” to make sure they get seen right away.  


Third-Degree – when your child has a third-degree burn, they will need medical attention right away because knowing how to treat a burn like this is not possible without the help from a medical professional and these burns cannot be taken care of at home. You will notice dry/charred, white, yellow, or bright red tissue. The tissue will be blistered and irritated.


A burn wound constantly changes, which makes it hard to determine the level of the injury your child has experienced. This is why you should bring your child in to be seen right away so that the burn does not get any worse. Burns are very painful, and when not treated properly they only get worse.  


The best way for a burn to heal is through proper treatment. This can include eating a high protein diet, with foods such as milk, eggs, cheese, peanut butter, and meats. A non-scented lotion massage a least 4 times a day will help the skin heal quicker. A bandage will help keep the burn covered and out of sight from sun or any contact with clothes or other materials. If you follow these steps your child’s burn should heal within 14-21 days with minimal to no sign of scarring.


Visiting a Walk In Clinic Near Me


Trust us to show you how to treat a burn and make sure your child gets the treatment they need weather its a first degree or a third degree burn. We are the “walk in clinic near me” you have been searching for and want you to know we have the answers and treatment your child needs. Our staff is well experienced and knows just what your family needs to get your child on the road to recovery in no time at all. A burn is not something you want to wait around to heal. Come see us right away so we can get them treated and feeling better.


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If you are looking for a “walk in clinic near me” in Orlando, FL for your child’s burn wound, visit Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care. We can show you how to treat a burn and make sure your child is feeling good as new. Burns can be painful and we want to make sure there is nothing more serious underlying with this issue. Contact us today or walk in during our convenient office hours.