New parents are experts at keeping their child healthy. From getting vaccinations on time to passing around that bottle of hand sanitizer wherever you go, you’ve no doubt done everything in your power to keep your little one free of illness. However, even the most careful of parents can’t avoid the occasional flu or cold. While some infant cough remedies can treat certain symptoms, other signs indicate it’s time to take a trip to the doctor. Fortunately for worried parents, Orlando, Florida hosts many reputable walk in clinics, with places like Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care offering timely, high-quality care for your child. Read on to learn when your baby’s cough is severe enough to bring them to a doctor.


Searching for an Infant Cough Remedy?


While every middle-of-the-night coughing session may sound the same to a parent’s tired ears, there are actually several distinctive types of coughs. Among the more benign versions are a cough with a mild fever and a cough that gets worse at night. Fevers are usually a sign of the common cold, and as long as it doesn’t persist for more than a few days, a fever is nothing to panic about. It’s also common for your little one’s cough to get worse at night, when mucus from the sinuses drains down their throat and cause them to wheeze. Both of these conditions can be treated with infant cough remedies, which soothe symptoms and allow your child to get some shut-eye.


Serious Child Cough Symptoms


However, other types of coughs can have you wondering “is there a walk in clinic near me?”, and rightly so. A barky cough is caused by swelling in the upper airway and is a telltale sign of croup. Croup most often affects children under 3 and can have a serious impact on your baby’s breathing.  Your first instinct should be to search for a “walk in clinic near me” when your little one has these symptoms, but know that Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care should be your first choice.


Another illness that needs urgent attention is Whooping Cough, an infection caused by the Bordetella Pertussis bacteria. Whooping Cough is especially severe in infants under one year of age, whose developing immune systems lack the strength to fight off the infection. Instead of searching for home infant cough remedies, go straight to the doctor for this one.


Along with the type of cough your child is experiencing, certain symptoms are red flags that denote something more serious than a cold or flu. A bluish tinge to the lips and tongue, coughing up blood, and lack of urination, which are all symptoms that require a swift trip to the doctor.


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While preventing illness is incredibly important, the day will come when your bundle of joy experiences a cough, regardless of your best efforts. Keep an ear out for recommendations so you’ll know where to go when time is of the essence; that friend who said “I went to this great walk in clinic near me” in regards to Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care will have tipped you off to the quickest way to get your baby back to their normal self. Reach out to us today in order to achieve peace of mind regarding your child’s cough. Between your watchful eye and a doctor’s skilled treatment, your little one will be right as rain in no time.