As a parent, you want to do everything possible to keep your child safe and healthy. A parent’s worst nightmare is finding out that the medication that you gave to your child to make them feel better can actually worsen their condition or have been ruled to be unsafe. Science is imperfect, and the FDA recalls a certain number of products every year which are discovered to be harmful. These accidents happen, and it’s important to know where to go to get your child the best care if your child is given recalled products. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is a top after hours pediatrics center in the Orlando area. Our staff are specially trained to deal with children in order to provide your child with the best possible care even on weekends, after work hours, and through the holidays. Call us today to schedule an appointment or walk right in!


Recent Examples


The FDA website lists the medications that were recalled through the years, and it is good to keep track. An example of harmful medications being recalled in recent times are the King Bio medications. 32 King Bio medicines for infants and children were recalled several months ago due to testing positive for microbial contamination. The FDA released a statement and has since taken these affected medications off the market. Although the FDA states that there had been no reports to King Bio at the time of the recall about any injuries or illnesses associated with the medicines, they were voluntarily recalled by the company. The medicines that were recalled included many for chicken po relief, sleep aids, and appetite enhancers as well as many medications geared towards young children. Young children and infants in particular can suffer serious consequences from ingesting recalled over-the-counter medicines due to the fact that their immune systems are not fully developed yet, and thus it is important to seek help immediately following the ingestion of a recalled medication by an infant.


Avoiding Recalled Products And What To Do


Recalled medications and potentially impacted medicines are listed on the United States Food and Drug Administration website, and recently recalled medications such as the King Bio products will have their UPC and LOT numbers listed. These numbers are found on the packaging of the medicine so you can check any medicine you purchased for your child that you think may be impacted. It’s also wise for parents to keep an eye on the news. While emergency physicians rely on experts at local poison control centers as well as alerts by the FDA, parents should also keep an eye on the news for any potentially harmful products that could be in their medicine cabinet. If your baby has been given potentially contaminated or recalled medicine, the best course of action is to contact your pediatrician, especially if any relevant symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea are present. If your regular family physician is unavailable after work hours or during holidays, you may want to seek help at an after hours pediatrics clinic like Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care.


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The FDA recalls a certain number of medicines that have serious side effects or contamination every year. It’s essential to take immediate action if your child has ingested recalled products. If your regular family physician is not on hand, call an after hours pediatrics center. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is a top pediatric urgent care clinic in the Orlando area. Call us today for an appointment or walk in!