Knowing the signs of dehydration in toddlers is important when it comes to deciding if they need to visit an urgent care near me. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL has the answers you are looking for about the differences between mild and moderate child dehydration. Let us help your child feel better and get the fluids flowing back into their little bodies so they can feel refreshed again!


Signs of dehydration in toddlers

Dehydration can happen slowly over time or it can happen very suddenly. The best way to replenish hydration is by giving your toddler fluids. Give them a small amount at a time as long as they can keep it all down and are urinating at a normal rate.


Signs of mild dehydration:

  • Less active than usual but still alert to surroundings
  • Lips slightly dry
  • Urinating less frequently than usual

Signs of moderate dehydration:

  • Can still make eye contact and respond
  • Inside of mouth is dry
  • No tears when crying but eyes still appear to be wet
  • Urinating about half as usual


It is important to know when the situation is severe enough and you need to visit an urgent care near me in order to have your child seen for dehydration. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care has the experienced staff to find a solution and get your child feeling better in no time.  If dehydration lasts longer than 24 hours it is critical to visit a pediatrician because most of the time it means there is some other type of illness going on and needs to be addressed before it gets worse. Children pick up all sorts of things and need medical attention right away.


Urgent Care near me in Orlando, FL

Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care has the answers you have been searching for about dehydration. It is important to keep the fluids running through your child’s body at all times. Your child’s health is crucial and should be  a number one priority always. If they do become dehydrated, you should replenish their fluids right away and have them rest up and continue with a healthy diet to keep everything else on track. Sometimes children feel worse the next day due to lack of fluids and should be resting to give their body time to rest. Once your child is feeling better it is important to keep it that way. Make sure they take a drink every so often and are eating their meals regularly. Children are very active, which means they should be consuming enough water and fluids to meet their body weight. Do not wait for them to ask for a drink. Keep a cup of water handy, and remind them to take a sip every so often and ask them if they need to use the restroom from time to time so you know they are drink fluids and using the bathroom on a regular schedule. Staying hydrated is very important for children.


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Signs of dehydration in toddlers can show up out of nowhere, but it is important to take care of them if they do. Looking for an urgent care near me to have my child seen today. Have no fear, Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL has the experienced staff you need to help your child. Give us a call at 407-865-664, check out our website, or walk in to be seen right away!