We live in a world today where technology is everywhere. It is an everflowing industry. It is growing rapidly, and each day there are more and more features it provides. Thanks to this we now have telemedicine. What is that exactly? Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care has the answer. We are a pediatric urgent care that is based out of Orlando.


Healthcare of the Future

Telehealth or medicine allows health care professionals to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients from afar by using telecommunication technology. The approach has been through a striking evolution in the 21st century and is becoming an increasingly important part of the American healthcare infrastructure.


What is the Difference Between Telemedicine and Telehealth?

Even though both terms are very similar, there is a distinct difference between the two. The term involving health includes a broad range of technologies and services to provide patient care and improve the health delivery system as a whole. This is different because it refers to a broader scope of remote healthcare services. The term involving medicine specifically refers to remote clinical services. It involves the use of electronic communications and software to provide clinical services to patients without an in-person visit.


Is This a Good Option For Your Child?

Whether a child must leave school due to illness, sustains an injury during sports, or requires ongoing care, it is best to see a specialist. Unfortunately, access to the right pediatric care providers is not always easily obtained telehealth is changing that. Parents are lucky to be able to make an appointment. Many are trying to schedule visits around school and work or trying to balance the needs of multiple children. For pediatricians, waiting rooms are becoming overcrowded. Pediatric telehealth and medicine is a practical solution to connect children and their caretakers to providers.


What are the Benefits?

  • Less time away from work
  • No travel expenses or time
  • Less interference with a child or elder care responsibilities
  • Privacy
  • No exposure to other potentially contagious patients


What are the Stats?

This practice is an important and quickly growing component of healthcare delivery in the United States.  There are currently about 200 networks, with 3,500 service sites in the US. In 2011 alone the Veterans Health Administration delivered over 300,000 remote consultations using this type of medicine. More than half of all U.S. hospitals now use some form of telehealth too.


When used under the right conditions and for appropriate cases, telehealth has been shown to be as safe and effective as in-person care. Of course, not every situation is conducive to treatment via video visits, so providers must use good judgment when leveraging this channel for healthcare delivery.


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