Are you worried about a toddler fracture that your child has obtained? Let our Pediatric Urgent Care take a look and figure out what type of treatment your child needs. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL has the answers you need to help your child feel better sooner rather than later.

What Type of Toddler Fracture Are You Dealing With?


When it comes to any type of injury with toddlers, it can be worrisome. We are here to take a look and treat your child with utmost care. It is important to us that your child is pain free and feeling better again in no time. When they are showing signs of a fracture, bring them in right away so we can get them seen and on their way back to the playground.


Buckle Fracture: also known as a compression injury, this is when one side of the bone bends. This causes a rising buckle to occur on one side and does not have to effect the other.


Greenstick Fracture: also known as a tension injury, is when your toddler has bending on one side of the bone and a break on the other side. The bone is then, pulled apart causing the bone to crumple.


Complete Fracture: is when the bone breaks all the way through. You will know when your child has a complete fracture because it is a pain like no other and they will certainly let you know.  

Visit Our Pediatric Urgent Care For a Fracture


You can tell it is a toddler fracture because you will notice pain and swelling, and have deformity. All fractures are painful, especially for children, however, it is important to figure out what type you are experiencing right away so it can be treated properly. This is when you need to visit a Pediatric Urgent Care to have a professional take a look. Fractures are common in children because they are still growing and their bones are vulnerable. A fracture can cause damage to their growth plates at the ends of their bones, causing problems in the future for their growth. If a certain part of the bone does not heal properly after a toddler fracture, the bone could grow at an angle or just slower than the rest of the body. Unfortunately, this impact may not occur for a year or so after the injury, which is why it is so important to visit a doctor after your injury to make sure the fracture is treated properly.  


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If you know you are dealing with a toddler fracture, reach out to Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL. Our walk in clinic makes things pain free and easy for parents to not even have to think about scheduling an appointment or having to wait hours at the ER. Bring your child into our Pediatric Urgent Care right away and we will take care of their fracture and have you on your way. A fracture is nothing to wait on, come in right away and let us help your child.