Looking for urgent care pediatricians near me in Orlando? Need medical professionals who can look at your child’s broken bone or fracture during after hours? Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL can help your child.  They have a walk in clinic available for you with after hours and everything. Let us know what you need and we will do what we can to meet the needs of you and your child.


Reasons to bring your child to Urgent Care for broken bones

Your bones are super strong and are built to withstand anything! However, when your child has a bad fall or is involved in an accident they may experience a broken bone or fractured bone. There are three types of fractures that kids could have in any part of their body:



Term used to describe when a child’s bone bends and cracks but does not break straight across.

Simple fracture

The bone has broken cleanly in one place.

Compound fracture

Term used to describe when the skin over the fracture is damaged

Any type of fracture is very painful for a child and it is very important to bring them into an urgent care for broken bones right away so they do not feel any worse pain than they need to before being seen by a pediatrician near me. As a parent your first reaction might be to panic, but you should be finding a solution. Your child could be experiencing a lot of pain, dizziness, swelling, bruising, sick to their stomach, may pass out or even no pain at all ,which is when you need to worry. Any of these are signs of a broken bone and can lead to worse symptoms. Seeking medical attention at Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care is important because we can look at the broken bone and decide the best way to take care of your child.


Pediatricians near me can help with your child’s bone fracture

Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care takes pride in the patients we work with and makes sure to find solutions for everyone. Find the best urgent care for broken bones in Orlando. We do what we can to ensure the best care for everyone. We also make sure our services are fast and recovery time is quicker than ever. Trust us to put you in line and get you what you need in no time. When your child has a bone fracture it is not something to wait around with, get them seen right away. You want them to be able to heal and be back to normal as soon as possible, a child’s bone does heal faster and easier than an adults; however, it is still super important to get them seen by an pediatrician near me to ensure no abnormal bone recovery occurs.


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