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Our Pediatricians Treat Cuts and Bruises

Children are very playful, thus, they can easily injure or hurt themselves as they play in and around the home. You can easily take care of some minor bruises and cuts. However, if the cut or bruise is serious, you might have to contact a pediatrician who offers bruise treatment in Orlando, FL. If the accident happens after hours, you might have to find a medic who offers after hours pediatrics such as Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando, FL.


Cut & Bruise Treatment

As a parent, you are the first person that your child will come to with an injury or a wound. This places you in a unique position to help your child and make sure that he or she is relieved of the pain and that the wound does not become infected with bacteria. When you discover that your kid has a wound, the first step should be for you to differentiate between the various types of wounds. Here is a list of some types of wounds: 

  • Cut- A cut is a slit that is seen in the skin. It has clean edges caused by sharp objects such as scissors, knives or razor blades. You need to ensure that the wound is cleaned to keep it from being infected. If the wound is not too deep, you can apply surgical spirit to prevent further bleeding. An Elastoplast can also be used to dress the wound to prevent it from becoming infected.
  • Laceration- this wound has jagged edges and it might be caused by a sharp metal or broken glass. The chances of damage to deeper tissues, scarring, and infection are higher for lacerations. If you spot this kind of a wound on your child at night, you will need to contact an after hours pediatrics service provider who will advise you on what to do.
  • Scrape- This is a wound where the outer layer of the skin is rubbed away and the inner layer is left exposed. This wound is exposed to bacteria and dirt, causing it to become infected easily.
  • Bruise- This wound forms when a blood vessel breaks and leaks blood into a tissue under the skin. This case should be referred to a bruise treatment specialist.
  • Puncture- this wound is caused by sharp penetrating objects such as teeth or nail, which create a deep and narrow hole in the skin.


Most minor cuts, punctures, bruises, and scrapes can be treated at home. Follow these steps when treating such wounds:

  • Let the wound bleed freely for a few seconds; this helps in cleaning it out.
  • Clean the wound with mild soap and water to rid it of dirt.
  • If the wound is still bleeding, place a sterile pad over the wound and apply pressure raising the injured part above the heart to stop the bleeding
  • As soon as the bleeding stops, apply some antibiotic ointment and loosely cover the wound with a light sterile dressing. Change the dressing on a daily basis until a firm scab is formed over the wound.


At Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care, we strongly advise that you seek urgent medical attention in the following cases:

  • Wounds that bleed heavily after first aid has been administered
  • Wounds with foreign objects lodged inside them
  • Wounds with flesh protruding from them.


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