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We Provide On-Site Pediatric Radiology & X-Rays

You’ll want to know your child is receiving the best quality, state of the art pediatric radiology in the event that your child needs to receive xrays, ultrasounds, or other radiology services. Instead of searching for an “urgent care near me”, you’ll want to be sure you select an establishment you can be sure utilizes impressive and up to date medical equipment. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care of Orlando is that pediatric care center near you. If your child needs to receive onsite xrays or other radiological procedures, do not hesitate to contact us today.


Our Pediatric Radiology

Pediatric radiology is an important, invaluable component of modern medicine, allowing medical professionals to easily get to the bottom of underlying causes of diseases. While we are firmly against unnecessary testing, we do believe in testing that eliminates guesswork and serves to help doctors and parents alike determine underlying causes of medical problems.

Radiological treatments are also swift, and generally allow doctors to quickly identify medical problems when time is of the essence. In instances where a child is severely or chronically sick, this type of testing cannot be underestimated. Give yourself peace of mind and the ability to know what is causing your child’s underlying medical problems with radiology designed to help quickly identify these root causes.

Because we have the ability to provide this testing on-site, we are able to save parents time and worry when it comes to their child’s health. We have all be in situations or heard of situations in which a medical patient has gone to an urgent care clinic after performing a search for “urgent care near me”, only to discover later on they do not provide the type of medical care they need. Having ascertained an injury, the patient is unaware that they will need further testing an simply knows they must seek medical advice. The medical professional determines xrays are needed, but their urgent care facility is unequipped to perform them and the patient is sent to another urgent care facility. The patient must now wait to receive care again, wasting time and causing prolonged worry.


The Best “Urgent Care Near Me”

Instead of bringing your child to the closest urgent care to you, be sure you are bringing your child to the medical facility best equipped to help diagnose their condition and consequently provide care tailored to their needs. Instead of visiting multiple locations, bring your child in to Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando and receive quality medical care from the initial evaluation, to additional testing, and more.


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Pediatric radiology is a highly specialized service that not all nearby urgent cares may offer. Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando knows this, and has strived to offer this necessary service for this reason. If your child is in need of medical attention, be sure to come in or contact us today.