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We Provide Flu Treatments For Kids

Flu season is a trying time for parents. Regardless of how careful we want our children to be, it can be impossible to avoid the flu when there is an outbreak. It can be difficult to identifying and separate flu symptoms from run of the mill cold symptoms at times, or to even know when to seek medical attention for your child if you suspect they have the flu. You may find yourself searching for “flu symptoms in children when to call the doctor” or other similar terms out of panic. Instead, remind yourself to remain calm and bring your child in for the attention of a pediatric professional from Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care of Orlando. Visit our site or contact us today to learn more about severe flu symptoms in children and when it is time to bring them in.


Searching “Flu Symptoms in Children When to Call the Doctor?”

You will likely find conflicting information if searching for your child’s pediatric care needs online. One source may tell you one thing, while another may tell you seemingly the opposite. Above all, it is important to remember that every child’s immune system and response to disease may be different, and no opinion can replace that of a medical professional’s. That being said, there are often some clear warning signs that may implicate the need for you to bring your child in for pediatric care immediately.

Any young child under 5 with asthma should be brought in for medical attention immediately if you believe they are exhibiting any flu-like symptoms. This can prove to be very serious for them, and it is always better to be safe than sorry, especially in regards to your child’s respiratory system. For older children, severe flu symptoms include fever that lasts longer than three days, thick and persistent nasal discharge, or any other irregular discharge.


Seeking Treatment for Your Child

You should immediately seek medical treatment for your child if you notice your child is having difficulty breathing, even after being certain to clear their nasal passages. If your child is noticeably dehydrated for seems to have lost their appetite, it is likely a clear indicator that they are suffering from a serious disease, rather than a run of the mill illness. Persistent fever, vomiting, and other obvious warning signs almost always call for seeking medical attention for your child.


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If you believe your child is reacting differently to this bought of illness than another, don’t search for generic things like “flu symptoms in children when to call the doctor.” Instead, be sure to bring your child in to see or contact the medical experts Central Florida Pediatric Urgent Care in Orlando. The severe flu is not something to be taken lightly, and it is your responsibility to bring your child in and seek medical attention for them if you believe your child may be suffering from severe illness. Consult these symptoms and evaluate your child’s symptoms in comparison, and remember it is best to err on the side of caution when it comes to your child’s health.